Short Stories

In June 2006 ‘Elaine’ was published in Sexy Shorts For the Beach and that was the short story that started it all, It was the first thing that I’d written to ever appear in print and I couldn’t have been more thrilled. The story because the book was sold to raise funds for CR UK so there was no fee but take a look at who else had stories in that book and you will see that I was in good company so that was payment enough for me. It was the start of my relationship with Hazel and the lovely people at Accent Press .

Shortly after that I had my first ‘paid’ story published when ‘Postcards From the Past’ was published in Australia. I have to tell you that when I received that payment I thought I had it made. HA!!! No you don’t!

I quickly learned that there are far more rejections than acceptances in the world of short story writing. The market is dwindling and there is a lot of competition out there. That being said I have had around twenty short stories published in books and magazines in Britain and abroad.

I never managed to get Norah McGrath to take one so there’s still something to aim for.