Worth the Wait?

This week I blogged about a bush that had taken 10 years to flower. Its only a small thing in the grand scheme of things but its a big deal to the plant and the man who kept it alive for those 10 years.

This flower reminds me a lot of my book. It took me such a long time, not so much to write it but to get it right and find someone who was willing to take a punt on it. Another small thing to the world but a massive thing to me.

Worth the wait? Oh yes.



So,  I started the revisions of RIHH this week and so far so good. I laugh as I say that because by the time I was 11 pages in I already wanted a different ending and gave someone a bigger part. That’s the way these things go I guess.

I heard this week that there’s going to be a giveaway on Good reads of TISHSaD which is good (I think) because it says (to me anyway) that the publishers haven’t forgotten about me or the book and are trying to promote it. Could be totally wrong of course and it wouldn’t be the first time but I don’t really understand how the publishing world works so I have to trust the people that do. Its like when the edits came back for the book, a writer of some renown (who shall remain nameless but will know who they are if they read this) told me not to get too caught up in the minutia and look at the bigger picture. They told me not to worry about commas becoming colons etc. or small passages being changed. She taught me that editors are only as successful as the books they edit and to trust them. Name check here for Rebecca Lloyd at Accent Press. I do trust you. I also trust the rest of the gang too because I wouldn’t have got this far without them.

Just a quick question before I go and make a bread and butter pudding. Is there anything dear reader (I’m assuming someone is reading this) that you would like to know. My intention on this blog – like the one I previously had – is to have a conversation.  Talk back to me if you don’t mind because don’t they say that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness.

I’m going to leave you today with a picture of Zoe. She died 9 years ago this week. She was a bit neurotic to say the least and could be a bit surly  but she loved us and we loved her.




It’s been a while – Sorry.

I’ve not been around for a while and for that I can only apologise. I am however going to try to be a better blogger in future.

I’m going to aim to blog at least once a week – so here we go for this week.

I got back from Northumberland two days ago where we (Mr Mc and I plus the dog) had a wonderful time. It was just what the doctor ordered and I have come back feeling so relaxed and raring to go. Just as well as I start the revision stage of book 3 tomorrow.

While I was away I planned the revisions and I am excited to get one with it. While I was away I was in touch with the publicity manager at my publishers and she gave me some advice part of which was to be a regular blogger because allegedly people will be interested in what I’m up to. That remains to be seen. I also had an email from the publication manager  with news of book too (RIHH). It was due to be out later this year but the plan was to move it back to February and aim for the Mother’s Day market. I could have said no but to be honest its a much better time so I am more than happy to go with that.

I’ll leave you with that thought and a couple of my favourite photos from my recent battery recharging.

Until next week…


I think I might have mentioned that I’ve been off work this week. I’m due back tomorrow and not really looking forward to it. HOWEVER, I have, in the last half hour, received an email from the Rights Manager (sorry Ann if that’s not your actual title) at my publishers to say that the US and Canadian e-book and audio rights to my second book have  been sold. The book ‘Ribbons in Her Hair’ is due out on the autumn. Yippee!!!



I’m getting a bit frustrated because try as I might I can’t add an Amazon link to my sidebar or to a ‘Book’ page that I wanted to have. Given that I would like to sell a few more copies I’m sure you can understand my frustration.

On a happier note I have passed the 30,000 words mark with a day to spare – hoorah. However the amount of words with coloured line underneath isn’t good. My aim for the first draft is to just get them down though.

I promise this blog will get more interesting when I can get my head round it.


Got to love that face.

This is still very much a work in progress but I’ll get there. Something is wrong with the ‘Contact Me’ page so I’ll need to have a look at that and then gradually build it up to look more like home..


I thought I’d post this picture of Zac today for no other reason than he is just gorgeous. It was taken some years ago and he now has a grey snout but he is still just as gorgeous. There’s nothing like a picture of a loved one to cheer a place up.

On a writing front. I have so far managed another 3,000 words on book 3 so fingers crossed I’ll be at the 30,000 mark by Friday. I’m back at work on Saturday so I don’t anticipate a lot getting done over the weekend. I’m happy with the way its coming along though. For a long time I struggled to find the right ‘voice’ but I’ve got it now. However one of my characters has turned into a right bitch this afternoon.

I’m going to make homemade tortellini tonight with homemade pesto so that should be interesting. I have made pasta before but never tortellini so please keep everything crossed  that the filling stays where its supposed to.

I don’t know why I told you about that but in keeping with my previous blog once a thing has been said it can’t be unsaid. That’s what happens when you’re chatting with friends.

Until next time…





A Good Day

I’ve had a good writing day today. I’ve started moving over here and written over 3,000 words on book number 3. So far it’s sitting at 23,500 words and I’m hoping to get it to 30,000 by Friday night. It’s still a challenge but it’s possible and I’ll give it my best shot.

This is a week off the day job and I’m using it to get to grips with this book. It doesn’t have to be with the publishers until the end of September but I aim to have the first draft done by the end of April. That schedule worked for me with the last book.

This picture wasn’t taken today but it sort of fits my mood.