the mother

Jean is without a doubt the product of the hand that life dealt her.

Her life took a turn that she wished it hadn’t but in the 1950’s you made your bed and you lay in it and laying in a bed that she didn’t want was what makes Jean the person that she is.

And what sort of person is Jean? I would describe her as a cold fish. She is unable to show her emotions and she can’t give Susan the love that she craves. To an outsider she is the perfect mother, her children are always well turned and presentable but behind closed doors it is a different story. There we find control and emotional neglect.

Jean wasn’t born like that. The hardships of the path her life took made her the way that she is so can we describe her as a bad person? I don’t think that we can because she is trying to do her best in her own way. Let’s just say though that I’m glad she wasn’t my mother.

When I started writing this I hated Jean as a character. I thought that she was evil. But once I got to know her and her back story the hate turned to pity.

I think that this comment taken from a review of the book sums it up rather nicely.

“Each mother’s actions is shaped by the generation they were born in and the culture of that time.”

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