the daughter

At the soul of it, Ribbons In Her Hair is a story about humanity. It is a tale of people playing the hand that life deals them as best they can and one of those people is Susan who is the daughter in this mother/daughter relationship.

I confess to having a soft spot for Susan and of the characters that have been born in my brain, she is probably my favourite. She certainly makes the top three.

There’s nothing special about her. She isn’t blessed with stunning good looks or super intelligence but she is a heroine in all the ways that really matter. One reviewer said of her, “With her mousy brown hair and chubby cheeks, Susan is the runt of the litter,” which though harsh is true. She is just an ordinary girl and that is probably why I like her so much. She could be anyone.

What she lacks in looks, Susan makes up for with gumption. She may seem down trodden but when the chips are down, she is a girl to have in your corner. She has a moral compass and she is willing to follow it despite the personal cost.

Susan thinks that she knows her mother but does she? Do any of us really know those that are closest to us? She thinks her mother is hard hearted and uncaring but is she? And if she is, what made her that way?

Tomorrow, I will introduce you to Susan’s mum.

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