Coming Soon

When RIBBONS IN HER HAIR was originally published in 2018 there were ‘allegedly’ big plans for it. The publicist at my then publishers called me one day and was all ‘articles in the book section of The Guardian’ (as if) and ‘interviews in this newspaper or that one’ but said publicist left shortly after that conversation and that was the end of that.

However, it will soon be getting another chance when The Pink Pen (aka me) re-publishes it. I’m pretty sure it won’t be in the reading section of the Guardian this time either or that I’ll be interviewed by the nationals but that won’t deter me.

When the publicist (mentioned above) asked me where I got the idea for the story from I told her but she said that we weren’t going to concentrate on that because it wasn’t exciting enough, she wanted to go with a different angle. Why let the truth get in the way of a good story? However, boring or not the thought that started it is the thought that started it and that’s what I’ll be going with when The Pink Pen publishes it later this year.

Watch this space for more information but in the meantime you can buy the kindle version of THINGS I SHOULD HAVE SAID AND DONE also published by The Pink Pen. Headline are still selling the paperback.

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