Things I Should Have Said and Done – Take Two

Originally published in 2016 by Accent Press, Things I Should Have Said and Done (TISHSaD) was my debut novel and how naïve was I about the way the world of publishing worked.

I didn’t think that there’d be TV interviews or middle-page- spreads in the Sunday supplements but I did think that there would be something from my publisher to help promote sales. Turns out I am wrong and unless you are a celebrity author or one of the publishers top writers any publicising is pretty much down to you. You might have a better chance if you are with one of the ‘Big 5’ publishers but Accent didn’t fall into that category I’m afraid. But even with the ‘Big 5’ budgets are limited and are not evenly spread. Sadly self promotion has never been my strong point so little ole TISHSaD went pretty much un-noticed.

In 2019 TISHSaD, along with my other books, came under the wing of Headline/Accent after the former bought out the latter. Note the former, one of the ‘Big 5’, I was published by one of the big boys. You’d have thought that I’d have lost my naivety by then but apparently not because I thought that they would get behind my books at least a little bit. But remember what I said about budgets not being evenly spread? Well, only one of my books (not this one) merited a single tweet from the PR people at Headline and that was only because it had happened to be published just after they bought Accent. I’m not going to lie, that hurt. I wondered why they would not bother to push all of their books.

And that’s when the truth hit me. TISHSaD wasn’t their book just like it hadn’t been Accent’s. It had always been mine. Personally I love it. When I was editing it before it ever went to a single publisher or agent I thought that it was the sort of book that I would enjoy reading it and clearly other people have thought so too because although it hasn’t received a lot of reviews they have always been positive.

So, I decided to take the bull by the horns (being careful with the pointy end) and get the rights to my books back. When I first mentioned it to my ever supportive other half he questioned whether they would just give them to me but it turns out they did and I now have the rights to my back catalogue (all 4 of them).

I will tell all about the process another time but for now let me introduce you to this new incarnation of TISHSaD which will be published by The Pink Pen on May 20th 2021.

It is available for pre order the kindle version on Amazon and a paper back will be added shortly.

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