The Things We Say.

This is a funny old world that we are living in  at the moment and I daresay that there are a lot of us doing things that we never thought we would. For some, those things will have been life changing and for others trivial. The thing that I have done that I thought I never would certainly edges towards the trivial and while I doubt it will ever be life changing it may see me taking a different tack.

This week I self published a book. It’s not a novel like the books that I have previously had published  the traditional way but rather a collection of short stories that I have written over the years for the now dwindling magazine market.


The older writers amongst us will be familiar with the term “vanity publishing” and that was something that I always said that I would never do. When self publishing started I still considered it to be a form of vanity publishing but I have come to realise that I was wrong and the two things are completely different. With vanity publishing there was an initial outlay of money and you were paying someone to publish your book but with self publishing there’s none of that. If you are going to do it properly there is possibly an investment to be made with regard to getting your work edited and having a cover designed professionally but if you trusted yourself to do those things properly, it needn’t cost you a penny.

I decided to start with the collection of short stories because I wanted to feel my way around the process and check out how things worked. Having done it I would consider publishing a novel at some point especially as I am now out of contract and feel like I am a bit too long in the tooth to start looking for a new publisher.

Take Five Minutes is available to buy from Amazon and is currently the bargain price of 98p in the UK, $1.21 in the US and around 1 euro all over Europe. It is only available as a kindle version at the moment but if there was a market for a paperback version I could sort that out.

I’d be interested to hear about things you have done that you never thought you would.

Buy Take Five Minutes on

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