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Dream come true


I know the picture is a bit random but it sums up how I feel today. I feel yellow  – which for me means I am happy.

Those of you that knew me four years ago know that my life was very different. My kidneys had packed in for no apparent reason other than they took it badly when I caught a cold, I’d spent 7 weeks in hospital, 3 of which were in intensive care, I’d lost 5 stone in 3 weeks and I was on dialysis 3 times a week.  I couldn’t believe my luck when my kidneys decided to ‘wake up’ towards the end of 2014 and I was able to stop the dialysis. My kidneys didn’t work great but they worked well enough so yippee for that. When I spoke to my nephrologist yesterday he admitted that he’d half expected my vascullitus (the disease that the cold turned into) to return once I came off dialysis but (touch wood) that hasn’t been the case and now my kidney function is at worst ‘stable’ possibly improving. From now on (subject to a letter of confirmation) he will only need to see me twice a year not the four times that he has for the last 18 months which is just the best news I could have had. He’s a nice enough bloke but I’d rather not see him in a professional capacity.  There is one more thing that his letter could also say but I’m not even going to allow myself to think about that.

Getting my book deal and seeing my work in print was a dream come true but four years ago when my best prospect was a transplant after 2 years in remission I didn’t dare to imagine that I would be where I am today.




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