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Time for reflection.

I usually get a bit reflective at this time of year. This is the week four years ago when my kidneys failed and I started the seven week stay in hospital. Without dwelling on it I was very ill, in fact I nearly died twice but it’s in the past. My life is very different now and I feel better than I have in years. I still have stage 4 CKD but that is very well managed so life is good.

Four years ago I could only dream that my book would be published, that my second one would be being edited as we speak and that a third was being written.

To be honest I don’t really remember a lot about that time in hospital possibly because of the drugs I was on though my memory is very sketchy at the best of times thanks to an earlier dice with death when I was only 6 years old (that’s another story) but someone who does remember it asked me the other day what got me through that time.

Firstly, I wanted get back home to be with my family.

Secondly, I wanted to get back to work because I didn’t want a certain other person getting my job. I was heard to say ‘Over my dead body,’ at the time.

And thirdly, I wanted to see this little guy again.


My husband made the twenty odd mile journey to the hospital every day and my sons usually came a couple of times a week but I used to look out the window and wish that they could bring Zac to it just so that I could see him. What a soppy mare.

So that’s the other stuff and as for book related things I have been editing this week. One of my main protagonists has changed character and I find myself liking her less and less but that’s OK because that was the intention. I might be in a minority here but I really enjoy this stage of a book. For me, the first draft is about getting the ingredients together and this stage is where I cook the meal.

This week I want to think about self promotion so maybe more on that next week.

Until then,



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