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I’m getting a bit frustrated because try as I might I can’t add an Amazon link to my sidebar or to a ‘Book’ page that I wanted to have. Given that I would like to sell a few more copies I’m sure you can understand my frustration.

On a happier note I have passed the 30,000 words mark with a day to spare – hoorah. However the amount of words with coloured line underneath isn’t good. My aim for the first draft is to just get them down though.

I promise this blog will get more interesting when I can get my head round it.



2 thoughts on “AGGHHH!!!!

  1. Okay, this may or may not work…

    In the WordPress admin dashboard, go to “appearance > widgets”. Next add the “links” widget to your side bar by dragging it over.

    Now go to “links” in the dashboard. You should be able to start adding links to your blog.

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